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I and fistich want to show you our Sonic AU called Sonic Reverse =) 
It is a big AU that we are plan doing VERY big. I will draw more concept of it, show you relations between characters and etc.
And I'm sure more of my watchers know this AU! Just because we take my art series for it :XD: In the end of journal you can see what I talking about.
Hope you like it! 

!!!WARNING!!! I know english not so good and haven't any help, so I sorry for mistakes =( 

AU: Sonic Revers


XX year. In the center of Robotropolise Dr. Finitevus tried to get energy from Master Emerald. When blue hedgehog learned about the dangerous experiment, he hastened to prevent doctor's plans, but Finitevus has already started its implementation. Sonic destroyed several key points (it was a mistake) and the Dark Matter out of Master Emerald. It covered a whole city and raised it up like Angel Island (but that city much bigger). Eggman tried to save city (it is his home at least) and activated the protective dome, which became a trap for all who were in the city. The Dark Matter has swallowed all the inhabitants who were under the dome and changed their nature drastically.

A huge city has become a prison for all its inhabitants. Because of the dome, conditions have changed and way of life. The city is constantly under clouds, in the afternoon the whole sky has a red hue and at night, it's gray. Dilapidated houses mostly abandoned. There are no flora but inhabitants save some of it in Botanical gardens or parks (very rare). In the center of the town a huge tower and Master Emerald inside of it. It is not green emerald as we knew, for now it red top and purple bottom. Eggman is inside of Master Emerald, Dark Matter was tighten Eggman and no one knows is he alive or not.

As dark matter came from the emeralds, Chaos was came out of emerald too. He occupy the all tower and protects it day and night. There are monsters of different types in the city, which was also released, from ME.

Master Emerald changed all of fate and genesis, so in this city you can meet different characters from Sonic like Mephiles, Manic, Jet, etc. They are NOT FAMILIAR with each other (but some relation are stored, for example Sonic and Tails, Sonic and Knuckles, etc.).

The essence of the inhabitants:

Under the influence of dark matter, all residents of the city have changed its essence. Their existence represents a psychological syndromes, disorders, emotions, sins, etc.
For example, the main characters are:

Sonic – Vanity
Shadow – Duplicity
Silver – Madness
Mephiles – Exorcism
Finitevus – Apathy
Chaos – Watcher
and etc.

Behavior and the nature of the characters depend on what they are represent.

What they are to do in this AU?

The goal of almost every represent is defeat Chaos, get to the Master Emerald and to take control of the all city.


    1)      Exorcists. Their leader is Mephiles who embodies the essence of exorcism. This group can be considered as the nurses of the city, they caught residents of the city and trying to bring each citizen to a normal state, i.e. to return to its original essence, which was before the cataclysm.

    2)      Saviors. This group consists of fanatics of Chaos, who consider him a deity. They are the same as Chaos, try to protect ME and not allow anyone to seize power over the city.

    3)      The Empire Of Eggman. Since Eggman disappeared into the Master Emerald, his robots had lost control without a host, switch to aggression and wander around the city. Orbot and Kubot took over the running of the robots, their repair and creation. Orbot – genius, who thinks through every action and Kubot master, he engaged in repairing robots.

    4)      Free. The group of residents who have been cleared by the exorcists from dark matter. They returned to their original essence and act as one group. The Dark Matter can infected the resident again, which they are afraid.

A large part of the population is infected characters.

Some of art with characters:
...or? by Shadreym Guess who... by Shadreym you're next by Shadreym Play with me by Shadreym

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